Talk to The Dentist Before You Pierce Your Tongue

Why risk your smile? Even if oral piercing seems popular and trendy, if it has the potential to damage your teeth and mouth, you should protect yourself. At the very least, you should make sure you have effective prevention and care plans in place to limit the risks of the health hazards that can arise…. Read more »

How Should I Clean My Complete Dentures?

If you’re wondering how to clean your complete dentures, then you have come to the right blog. Our dentist, Dr. George Ghaly, is more than happy to help you keep your appliance in tip-top shape because if you don’t take good care of it, it could warp and fail to replace your missing teeth the… Read more »

When You Should See the Dentist

At a bare minimum, you should see the dentist twice a year for your routine examination and cleaning. This will give the dentist a chance to remove the plaque and tartar that you may have missed while brushing, and spot small problems with your teeth and mouth before they become big ones. Of course, if… Read more »

Want an Attractive Smile for Your Holiday Parties? Here Are Some Tips

You deserve the smile you want for the holidays. That way you can have the confidence you need to socialize and pose for pictures. Our dentist, Dr. George Ghaly, is here to help you achieve that perfect smile just in time for your holiday parties! There are things you can do to improve the appearance… Read more »

Oral Health Tips and Tricks on Dental Floss

  Cleaning between teeth often requires numerous oral health care treatments and products. However, if you choose to use a threaded dental floss, always make sure your product is safely and accurately used. If you misuse your dental floss, plaque may be left behind, which can continue to damage your mouth via dental erosion and… Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Replace an Irritated Dental Filling

While dental fillings are meant to support a tooth for several years, they aren’t permanent. Over time, issues with inconsistent oral hygiene or even the natural tooth enamel could enable oral bacteria to affect the filling’s bond to the tooth surface. If you have a dental filling that no longer is stable, our dentist may… Read more »

Are You at Risk for Tooth Loss and Dentures?

Were you aware that tooth loss can result in tooth-crowding, difficulty eating, and difficulty speaking? That’s why lost chompers need to be exchanged for dentures. Find out slightly more about risk factors for tooth loss by reading on below. You might be at risk of needing false teeth if you are at risk for tooth… Read more »

Best Brushing Practices

You have been brushing your teeth for a long time. So long in fact that you probably don’t even give is a second thought. You put a little toothpaste on the brush, scrub your teeth, and you’re good to go, right? Well, not quite. While brushing your teeth is not the most complicated thing you… Read more »

Don’t Ignore These Signs of Facial Pain

When you have pain in your head or face, it can be hard to ignore, and for good reason. Our George Ghaly, DDS team in Westborough, Massachusetts, recommends seeking timely treatment if you experience pain from any of the following, as they can be serious conditions. Dental Abscess When bacteria reach the nerves and blood… Read more »

Dental Bridges Can Replace Your Missing Tooth

If you lost a tooth playing sports or in some other accident or have had to have an extraction, you’ve probably noticed the effects of the tooth’s absence. The fact of the matter is that you need a replacement as quickly as possible. Not only that, but you want that replacement to be easy but… Read more »